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2022 Leduc Nisku Real Estate Forum

Leduc, Alberta: April, 2022 – On April 6th, AICRE Commercial hosted its inaugural Leduc Nisku Real Estate Forum. The event was held at the Royal Hotel Edmonton Airport and offered its guests a chance to network over lunch and presentations by guest speakers. AICRE Commercial is considered one of the most aggressive real estate teams in the Leduc Nisku commercial industry, and the event truly reflected that. “The focus of the event was to give our guests an update on the current trends we see in the commercial real estate market and how they can be proactive when trying to negotiate a deal, be it a lease or sale. In addition, the Leduc Nisku industrial real estate market is quickly tightening up. We are seeing lease rates and asset values increase on the back of a steady oil price and continued demand for warehousing and manufacturing facilities.” Said Jim McKinnon, Partner at AICRE Commercial.

Market April 2022: Alberta’s market continues to strengthen and recover as oil prices continue to stay at the $102 (US) WTI a barrel mark and unemployment rates return to pre-COVID levels (6.8%).

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